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A job application management system is a system that helps manages all the information of candidates. It is software that scans resumes and selects the one who matches the job description perfectly.

The recruitment process is a time-consuming process and can be frustrating at times for both candidates as well as the recruiters to simplify the process many organizations have started adapting ats to make the hiring process easy.

Recruiters enter all the information related to the particular profile in the ats software the desired skills, job title, required experience, etc then the ats uses that information to create a profile and shows all the results matching the job. The hiring department then chooses the most qualified candidates from the results and moves forward.

Pitch N Hire is the job application management system that manages the applications and provides the best out of them.

Pitch N Hire provides the following services:

AI applicant tracking software
candidate management system
permanent staffing solution


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